Carol Freeman

Carol Freeman

Carol Freeman has a PhD from the University of Tasmania with a background in literature, history and the new field of animal studies in the Humanities. Her writing often connects art, science and history in innovative and provocative ways and has appeared in a wide range of publications—from journals and books, to online exhibitions, catalogues and magazines. She is currently a regular contributor to Forty South Tasmania.


Paper Tiger: How Pictures Shaped the Thylacine (40 South, 2014)

“This book is a remarkable achievement. Freeman tells the story of the thylacine is an original and deeply affecting way. We learn about the animals . . . and the ravaging impact that human ideas had upon them. Freeman writes thoughtfully, carefully, and with force, and the book is a very good read.” — Nigel Rothfels, author of Savages and Beasts: The Birth of the Modern Zoo