Deborah Thomson

Deborah Thomson

My daughter and I moved to Tasmania in 2010. I now live here with my partner of nine years and a parrot.

I escaped domestic violence and, inspired by my now partner, I wrote my first book Whose Life Is It Anyway? Recognising and Surviving Domestic Violence to help others recognise abuse in the home and to increase their motivation to leave earlier.

After publishing my first book, I became a trained advocate through Engender Equality, for survivors of family violence. As part of the advocacy, I speak at domestic violence events across Tasmania, through media channels and podcasts.

I have recently completed my second book, a follow up to the first which detailed lived experience with domestic violence by my then husband; spanning seventeen years from 1985 to 2003. This book is now used in Tasmania as an information resource for family violence counsellors and students on practicals.

The new book, yet to be published, is the final chapter in my life with a perpetrator of family violence. Whose Life Is It Anyway? Leaving a Violent Abuser is a complex yet engaging depiction of my personal journey as a parent in a custodial battle with an abusive husband, and father of our children.  It is a story that will resonate with every parent engaging in a fight for the rights of children to feel safe and free from harm.


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