Elizabeth Goodsir

Elizabeth Goodsir

Elizabeth Goodsir is a Tasmanian writer who was shortlisted in the Premier’s Literary Prizes for 2015. Elizabeth was the People’s Choice Winner, receiving the University of Tasmania Prize for her unpublished manuscript Blue Pollen Beautiful.

Elizabeth tells us:

Now that I’ve reached this curious age of having time to play and be, I’m doing things from my save-for-later list and loving it. More writing; more beach time; more reading and walking; travelling in our ancient camper van; re-configuring, replenishing our house and garden as you do when your long-time spouse is an architect, designer, furniture-maker, print-maker, garden creator…!

There is new time to enjoy our children in rich and different ways; the paths they are carving, and the mad, glad, marvellous and magical families they have given us.

Becoming part of airbnb has meant that others live in this space of our dreams and dramas and add their laughter and stories to the walls and gardens. It’s a special exchange of people and places, based on trust and a desire to share and care.

Hobart is our chosen city because of its human scale and natural beauty. The tragedies and triumphs of its convict history are near and tangible. Artists and art connoisseurs create and contribute generously. Foodies, brewers, winemakers put their unique ideas into farms, markets, in bars and on tables.

Its size means simplicity and complexity sit side by side – making absolute sense.


Wind Rippling Waters, Elizabeth (poetry) and Bruce Goodsir (drawings).