Frances Gray

Frances Gray

I am a retired academic philosopher who dabbles in Analytical Psychology,  Neuroscience, Religion and Art Theory and who continues to write and research,  paint, garden, swim, draw and paint, and walk in the bush amongst other things. I am  currently writing a book tentatively titled, Art, Existential Moments and the Epiphanic I which I hope to get off to Routledge in the middle next year (2022). Routledge is my  publisher and my books with them are:

Jung and Levinas: An Ethics of Mediation (2016) Routledge, London UK and New  York

Cartesian Philosophy and the Flesh: Reflections on Incarnation in Analytical  Psychology (2012) Routledge, London, UK

Jung, Irigaray, Individuation: Philosophy, Analytical Psychology and the Question of  the Feminine (2007) Brunner Routledge, London, UK

I’ve also co-edited Feminist View from Somewhere with Leslie Gardner Routledge,  London UK and New York which came out in 2017. Although I live in New Norfolk  here in Tasmania, I am a Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of  Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland. If you want, you  can find out a bit more about me at