Gina Mercer

Gina Mercer

Gina Mercer loves words and revels in being a writer, teacher, and editor. She‘s taught creative writing in universities and communities for over 30 years. She was Editor of Island Magazine from 2006-2010. She’s published ten books (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction). Her two latest are: Weaving Nests with Smoke and Stone, a poetry collection all about birds (Walleah Press, 2015); and The Dictionary of Water (Abridged), a meditation on the element of Water (due for release in Spring, 2019).



  • The Dictionary of Water (Abridged) Spring 2019.
  • Weaving Nests with Smoke & Stone, Walleah Press, 2015 [Poetry]
  • Seasoned with Honey: Poetry by Anne Collins, Mary Jenkins, Gina Mercer & Lyn Reeves, Walleah Press, 2008 [Poetry]
  • Handfeeding the Crocodile, Pardalote Press, 2007 [Poetry]
  • Night Breathing, Wagtail Series, Picaro Press, 2006 [Poetry]
  • Parachute Silk, Spinifex Press, 2001 [Fiction]
  • Postgraduate Research Supervision: Transforming (R)Elations, Peter Lang Publishing NY, 2001 (Alison Bartlett: co-editor) [Nonfiction]
  • The Ocean in the Kitchen, Five Islands Press, 1999 [Poetry – 2 editions]
  • Janet Frame – Subversive Fictions, UQP, 1994 [Nonfiction]

Journal and other publications


Over 85 individual poems published in literary journals and anthologies such as: Australian Poetry Journal, Stylus Poetry Journal, Plumwood Mountain Journal, Tears in the Fence (UK), IslandHecate, SoutherlyBlue GiraffeProspectThe Tasmanian TimesCommunionWomen’s Work: A Collection of Contemporary Women’s Poetry, Five BellsBirdsong Anthology, Southern ReviewMotherlode: Anthology of Australian Women Poets, ImagoThe Perfect DiaryFamous Reporter, VerandahSocial AlternativesSmall PackagesNorthern PerspectiveWomen Artists’ DiaryPoetrix, Blue Dog.

Non-fiction and fiction:

15 articles, 4 book chapters, 5 short stories and 7 book reviews published in Australian and overseas publications such as: The Polar JournalAustralian Book Review, Sextuality: An Anthology of Erotica, Southerly, The Australian’s Review of BooksMeanjin, Journal of New Zealand Literature, Australian Women’s Book Review, Australian Feminist Studies, National Times,Famous Reporter, The Feminist Companion to Literature in English (U.K.).