Jackie Swift

Jackie Swift

Jackie Swift is Hobart born but now, after many years in the NT and London, resides on the banks of the Tamar River. She’s been an English teacher all her working life, leading English departments in Australia and the UK, as well as running Gifted &Talented programs in Tasmania and London, and a stint as a guest lecturer in Shanghai.

She completed her PhD in Creative Writing through Edith Cowan University and her MLitt through UNE. She writes across a range of genres and topics. Her work has been published in The Australian, The Guardian, various anthologies and magazines, including Island Magazine: picking up a few prizes along the way. She has two full length novels published with independent press, Fahrenheit Publishing, with more on the way. Her series of sexy-noir crime novels about a cancer surviving, wanton woman – Lola Jones –  are set in a place that could easily be mistaken for Launceston, and other parts of Tasmania.

She is very fond of wombats and polar bears, German Shepherds, her family; has an abiding affinity with the colour pink and loves all things watery, especially living on the river.

Publishing highlights:


The Transit of Lola Jones, Fahrenheit Press, December 2020

The Captain’s Club: Lola Jones 2, Fahrenheit Press, April 2022

*The Fourth Monkey: Lola Jones 3, Fahrenheit Press – publishing late 2024

+Bethany Never, Fahrenheit Press, February 2022 – limited edition long short story: sold out.

Short Stories

A Small Flirtation, Island Magazine, 2004

Life the Universe and Cancerous Things, ABC Radio, July, 2004

A Small Flirtation, Red on Red, an Anthology of NT Writing, 2000

My Father’s Feet, Northern Perspective, Vol 1, 1993

Eclipse, Mattoid, 1989

Walking, Northern Perspective, Vol 1, 1987


This Crafted Life, The Weekend Australian, October 28-29, 2023

Crime writing: women who murder, Writers on-line, May 4, 2022

Introducing Lola JonesNotes from the Bunker, Fahrenheit Press, December 1, 2020

Symmetry in Life and Art: Writing About Cancer in the Time of Covid, Women Writers, Women’s Books,November 24, 2020

The role of technology in gifted and talented educationTeacher Network, The Guardian Live Chat (UK), 16 Jan 2013

Why relationships matter in school: Teacher Network, The Guardian (UK), 6 July 2012

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The Billion Dollar Question, Weekend Magazine (The Australian), August 21-22, 2000

China by Soft Sleeper, The Weekend Australian, June 21-22, 1998


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