Robert Batten

Robert Batten is an author of science-fiction and fantasy living in Hobart. His first novel, Blood Capital, is to be published by Inkshares.


Blood Capital: A dystopian science-fiction novel to be published by Inkshares in 2018.

The Blight changed everything. Eighty years later, humanity is almost extinct. They survive only by the grace of the Melior, only so long as they remain viable food.

I Am Legend meets Underworld.

Blood Capital has already received the following accolades:

  • It is the winner of The 2016 Launch Pad Ridley Scott / Scott Free Prize, which includes Scott Free optioning the film rights.
  • It is the winner of The 2016 Launch Pad Inkshares Publishing Prize.
  • It was named in The Inkshares “List” for 2016; their top manuscripts not yet published as nominated by staff and published authors.
  • It was featured in the Tracking Board’s Top Manuscripts of 2016 and 2016 Hit List.

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