Steve Tolbert

Steve Tolbert

Steve Tolbert migrated from America to Australia a week before Christmas 1969, when there was an a teacher shortage in this country. He taught in high schools in Leichhardt (NSW), Derby and Kwinana (WA) and, from 1975, in various places in Tasmania.

In 2008 Tolbert retired from teaching. He enjoys reading, walking on the beach with his labrador, travelling with his wife, camping, and visiting his daughter with the both of them.

His other big interests are Asia and writing fiction. His stories, set in various Asian countries or featuring Asians in Australia, deal with themes of spiritualism, culture clash and cultural adjustment.

Tolbert is the author of 9 young adult novels published between 1991 and 2010 and a book of short stories for teens: see Steve’s website for more details.

Playing Lady Gaga, Being Nan Pau (Lacuna 2017) is his first adult novel.