Suzanne King

Suzanne King

Suzanne was born in Tasmania and grew up on a property next to the bush in the ‘Granton Himalayas’ overlooking the Derwent River.  The ever-changing moods of the Derwent was indeed the inspiration for her first novel, ‘Spirits Over Time and Oceans’ (Echo Books).  Suzanne still overlooks the Derwent from her home in Taroona, where she lives with her husband and two very much loved ‘ginger panthers’ (who of course rule the household and take up the prime position in front of the log-fire).

After attaining a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tasmania (Double Major in Politics and Policy and Criminology) she joined the Sydney Writers’ Studio who provided three years of mentoring, critical to the development of ‘Spirits Over Time and Oceans’.

Between writing her novel, Suzanne also works as a Project Officer in government plus coordinates and edits her quarterly healing and wellbeing magazine ‘Healing Hearts’ which is distributed to a wide audience including emergency first responders.

Suzanne is also one of Australia’s few Reiki VII practitioners and apart from writing, her great passion is assisting clients to reduce pain and anxiety through her reiki practice, Reiki Energy for Life in Battery Point.

All facets of her life revolve around a central theme, to be kind towards others and our beautiful planet, and to protect our precious wild, verdant places.  These themes are easily recognisable in her work ‘Spirits Over Time and Oceans.’